What is SEO and Analytics Reporting?

Analytics is a study much more in depth than simply finding out the number of hits on a page and where they came from. In the early days of online analytics this was enough to measure the success rate of a web site. Today we look to analytics for more in depth components than just hits because elements such as conversion are just as important, if not of greater importance. Conversion rates are the measure of hits on a web site compared to the successful goal outcome such as a sale or enquiry. In reviewing a dashboard of conversion rates, we are able to work with much larger scale of accuracy in SEO, giving us results such as what Google title “AB split testing”. This Analytics tool gives us the ability to build two identical pages with slight modifications (hence A/B). The analytics tool then runs both pages A and B over a specific time on a specific number of hits. Now based on the conversion rate, we are able to identify which pages contain a higher conversion rate. This tool is just one of many used by Sydney Web Experts to monitor and track.

10 Basic features to consider in Analytics

  • Site visits, Absolute Unique Visitors and page loads
  • Browsers, operating systems, browser and operating systems, screen colors, screen resolutions, java support, Flash
  • Visitor Loyalty via returning visits & Re-Marketing
  • Traffic Sources Overview, Referring Sites, Search engines
  • Keywords and search terms
  • Ad Version comparison
  • A/B Split testing
  • Conversion rates vs previous period
  • Pages duration and total duration of visits
  • Direct traffic sources through external marketing such as email etc

Sydney Web Experts offer a full Search engine optimisation and Analytics reporting of your web site to ensure more quality leads are generated for you. For more information on SEO Analytics reporting, contact us today.