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Analytics is a type of reporting system that goes beyond identifying the number of hits on a website or where they derived from. There is a world of metrics involved in the review dashboards of today. Analytics are relied upon for a more in depth study because elements such as conversion, bounce rate and more are key indicators for budgets, sales, growth and simply profitability. Conversion rates are the metric of hits on a website compared to the successful goal outcome such as a sale or enquiry. In reviewing a dashboard of conversion rates, we are able to work with much larger scale of accuracy in organic SEO or even paid ads. Tools are available such as “AB split testing” and more to measure conversion. This test, gives us the ability to build two identical pages with slight modifications (hence A/B). We can then run both pages A and B over a specific time on a specific number of hits. Based on the conversion rate generated, we are able to identify which pages contains a higher conversion rate. This tool is just one of many used by Sydney Web Experts to monitor and track your campaign success.

10 Basic features to consider in Analytics

  • Site visits, Unique Visitors and page loads
  • Browsers, operating systems, browser and operating systems, screen resolutions
  • Visitor Loyalty via returning visits & Re-Marketing
  • Traffic Sources Overview, Referring Sites, Search engines
  • Keywords and search terms
  • Ad Version comparison – A/B Split testing
  • Conversion rates on previous annual period
  • Visitor duration and popular pages
  • Forms and funnel information

Sydney Web Experts offer a full Search engine optimisation and Analytics reporting of your website to ensure more quality leads are generated for you. For more information on SEO or Analytics reporting, contact us today.