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What is SEO and Analytics Reporting?

What is SEO and Analytics Reporting?

Analytics is a type of reporting system that goes beyond identifying the number of hits on a website or where they derived from. There is a world of metrics involved in the review dashboards of today. Analytics are relied upon for a more in depth study because elements such as conversion, bounce rate and more are key indicators for budgets, sales, growth and simply profitability. Conversion rates are the metric of hits on a website compared to the successful goal outcome such as a sale or enquiry. In reviewing a dashboard of conversion rates, we are able to work with much larger scale of accuracy in organic SEO or even paid ads. Tools are available such as “AB split testing” and more to measure conversion. This test, gives us the ability to build two identical pages with slight modifications (hence A/B). We can then run both pages A and B over a specific time on a specific number of hits. Based on the conversion rate generated, we are able to identify which pages contains a higher conversion rate. This tool is just one of many used by Sydney Web Experts to monitor and track your campaign success.

10 Basic features to consider in Analytics

  • Site visits, Unique Visitors and page loads
  • Browsers, operating systems, browser and operating systems, screen resolutions
  • Visitor Loyalty via returning visits & Re-Marketing
  • Traffic Sources Overview, Referring Sites, Search engines
  • Keywords and search terms
  • Ad Version comparison – A/B Split testing
  • Conversion rates on previous annual period
  • Visitor duration and popular pages
  • Forms and funnel information

Sydney Web Experts offer a full Search engine optimisation and Analytics reporting of your website to ensure more quality leads are generated for you. For more information on SEO or Analytics reporting, contact us today.


Convert Leads – CRO

Increase CRO – convert leads to buyers on your web site

Converting sales and leads requires more than simply driving traffic to your web site and hoping customers leave an enquiry or purchase based on the number of hits you receive. The ability to convert a sale or lead from your web site, relies on three core outcomes working together.

  • Is traffic driven to the web site qualified traffic. e.g. through the use of correct keywords, market placement and demographic if applicable.
  • Are the visitors ready to buy or do they simply require more information about your product or service
  • Does the website provide quality information and design, simple navigation to complement what they are looking for?
  • What content is relevant and what part of the site or pages are your customers spending most of there time (Google Analytics tool is a great way of getting this information).

Then comes the part of the sales process which should seal the deal.

  • Enquiries or leads returned through the web site are professionally answered. – Ongoing follow through and other methods.
  • NOTE: Generally the enquiry converts into a sale based on the information provided – so be sure to provide this information correctly.

Lets look at a scenario where we assume your conversion rate is 3% and your web site generates 100 visits. Effectively 3 visitors would have left an inquiry. Now, in order to generate 100 of these inquiries you would need 3000 visits to your site.
Now lets assume Sydney Web Experts optimised your conversion rate to 10%. This means 10 customers left an inquiry rather than 3. Effectively we would have generated the same results with a third less visitors. (great for PPC). Now, assuming you got the same visitors as scenario 1 then you would receive 300 inquiries from this campaign as opposed to 100.

Conversion Optimisation – The old saying “Turning browsers into buyers”
There are many factors tied up with conversion optimization however the three main areas involved are:

  1. Quality Keyword Research
  2. Effective navigation
  3. Attractive / informative pages

If you would like an assessment of how your web site is converting, or for more more information on our conversion optimisation strategies please contact us today.


Drive qualified visitors to your web site. We offer top class conversion strategy and Lead generation.

Lets take a closer look at SEO vs PPC:

Which should you use in your online marketing strategy?

SEO and PPC can be identified simply by the “place” they exist on a search engine. SEO – being the strategy used to rank sites on the “organic” left side of Google result pages and PPC on the right side as well as often yellow colored top three results which exist for popular searches.

Paid results or PPC campaigns
The top block section results or right side bar results of a Google search are “PPC” or “sponsored links” section of a search engine result page (SERP). Advertisers pay per click to be here and results are scaled based on the click rate bid. The ads duration generally relies on the budget allocated to the advertisement. The benefits to Pay per click are defiantly not to be over looked while looking to drive traffic to your web site. This method of advertising will drive traffic to your site within just a few hours after setting up and generally guaranteed placements (within guidelines).

Pay per click options are adjustable, allowing you to modify of variables such as,

a) When the ad will show
b) What target market you would like to show the ad to
c) What exact or part keywords you wish to use
d) Allow the change of ads displayed to suite the keyword matched

It works! – PPC spend results drive traffic to web sites when set up correctly and managed. Sydney Web Experts offer full management packages for PPC advertising which will drive traffic to your site in no time. Contact us to set up a one month trial today.

Non Pay Per Click
If you would prefer not to spend per click and your aim is to make it to the top of search engine result pages (SERP) to drive traffic, then you will need an specialist optimiser and strategist to work with. Sydney Web Experts are ready and in your corner, utilising WMS5 (web marketing strategy 5) to undertake a full assessment of your site, locate the keywords relating to your business or product and focus the campaign around these keywords through 5 elements of marketing where SEO only being one part of the WMS5 formula. For more information on WMS 5 please contact us today.

Need More Information
Sydney Web Experts offer a full outline of SEO and SEM brochure on these two types of Search engine strategies of driving traffic. In the above explanation of SEO and SEM with regards to driving traffic, we have outlined the importance of driving general traffic. For more information on focused traffic, please see our Generate leads and convert sales pages. Further, you are welcome to view our SEO and SEM brochure and for more information please contact us.

Sydney Web Experts provide comprehensive SEO and SEM services