The importance of Branding

A brand is what people remember most about your company. It is all of the elements that your company shows that will create a good impression on your potential clients. Without consciously knowing why, customers can feel your brand is right or wrong for them and so we shape that first impression.

We’ll start with a Branding Consultation to dig deep into your brand’s unique personality and your goals for growth. We’ll then create 2-3 logo options for you to review, and proceed with refining the one you like the best.

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Once you’re thrilled with your logo, we’ll develop a Brand style with a social media version of your logo, fonts, color palette, icons/graphics/patterns and imagery inspirations. We develop a style guide to ensure all of these elements are consistent throughout all development processes both on and offline.

At SWE, we understand that your brand is the core element of your company. Without a strong brand, any advertising or marketing you may do will not have such a strong effect and it could fail. Branding not only offers you a way to create the desired impression on your audience, but it also gives you an opportunity to differentiate yourself from the direct and indirect competition.